17 years in research, development and manufacturing.

With business experience of two generations in Badami family, Al Muqarram Industry “AMI” integrated all knowledge, capacity and commitment into manufacturing, and hence, developed strong R&D Department who creates specialized and sophisticated formula for each product, in wide range of Silicone Sealants, Adhesives, Coatings, Tapes and Aerosol products, under the brand name “Dolphin”.

Analyzing market opportunities and potential commercial success, in the 2012 year, AMI is expanding it’s trading business through new division of Al Muqarram Trading LLC Company in Dubai. Team of experienced, highly qualified and trained professionals in sales, distribution, logistics and customer service has brought together each customer’s needs into Vision of our Group.

In accordance with company’s strategy for constant development in manufacturing of specialized products, in the year of 2014, Al Muqarram Group is establishing new factory “Al Muqarram Air Fresheners & Paint Industry”.

As a part of this professional group, “AMAF” has identified it’s potential in innovations and new technology for demanding automotive industry. Creating unique formulas, “Dolphin” brand has evolved into Vehicle Care segment with motto message “Acceleration To The Future”. Following this evolution factory received new name “Al Muqarram Industry” ….


Today, Al Muqarram represents a Group of Companies providing industrial and commercial solutions in UAE market, and business network on global level.

We connect the quality and customers in each corner of the world.

Wordings from the management

UAE has evolved faster than ever before since last few decades; from dunes to wide roads, camels to luxurious cars and buses to high speed metros and simple industrial systems to complex infrastructures. Al Muqarram Group has successfully maintained the pace in this fast moving market, ensuring not to lag behind and stand out in the industry. Right from its inception in 2000, Al Muqarram Group has witnessed significant growth. Nobody had an idea that this adhesive & sealants manufacturing Startup would soon become the pioneer in Acetoxy silicone sealant and Neutral silicone sealant manufacturing industry. Today, the Group holds numerous product lines & huge manpower of more than 240 employees belonging to 12 different nationalities. As per Group’s business expansion strategy, Al Muqarram Trading Co. LLC was established in Dubai in 2012 for general trading of high-quality auto spare parts. Al Muqarram Air Fresheners & Paints Industry LLC was also formed in 2014 in Umm Al Quwain, producing a broad range of Aerosols including spray paints, Anti Rust Lubricants, Air fresheners and Car Care products. AMI believes in providing the highest quality products & best customer service, characterized by innovation & affordability. The Group aims to expand its operations further through constant research & innovation to become a leading provider of constructions Sealants, adhesive, coating and car care products worldwide.

Sabir Ali Badami

At Al Muqarram Group, we follow some key hallmarks to grasp business opportunities. Innovation lies at our heart; we are constantly assessing the market trends and updating our product lines accordingly to meet market needs. With constant improvement in quality and brand development, we try to stay ahead of competitors without compromising the brand name. We are devoted to work in collaboration with experts. We purchase raw material from the most reputed suppliers, while our R&D department is run by specialized and well experienced chemists, giving us a competitive edge to develop quality products for our customers. Our commitment to quality has given us steady growth, success and achievements. We owe this to our well guided, properly managed and highly skilled team of professionals who has managed to innovate quality products at market competitive prices. In a very short span of time, we have evolved massively, earned reliable brand name and trusted business partners. This makes us a dynamic, progressive and purely customer-oriented company. The future is full of opportunities but only for those having the right attitude. Al Muqarram, with its passion to follow cutting edge technology, strong convictions and fair business principles, is ideally positioned to become one of the biggest names in the region.
Safdar Badami
Managing Director