Team Message

We are bringing you main points of “Dolphin” strengths and reasons why our brand holds the value among our current consumers

and what is determining new consumers to reach out for our products.

To stand out in today’s market, you must be either BETTER or CHEAPER.
We, in AMI Group, are using all resources, laboratory technology and experience to develop best possible combination of both
elements, to the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

1. Manufacturing in our company facilities
• Quality control of production
• Quality control of raw materials
• Control of chemical formulations
• Laboratory test control
• Quality control of packaging
• Control of content weight
• Control of storage condition
• Consistency in production and supplying of our customers

2. Price
• Unique selling price, packages, promotional packages
• Customer level segmentation (distribution, wholesale, retail)
• Less possible fluctuations in product price.
• Price and quantity balance (standard in package filling and pricing)

3. Research & Development Department
• Innovation in technology
• Implementation of modern solutions in materials and formulation of products
• Constant analysis, testing, improvements
• Product technical sheets and other supportive documentation
• Modification and improvements of products in regard to weather conditions, seasons, geographic area, customer’s request…

4. Quality Certification
• Quality Management Certificate ISO
• The Environmental Management system ISO
• MAS Certified Green (Low VOC content)
• Dubai Authority Conformity Certificate
• IFC Certificate
• And many other certificates for specific product category

5. Made in UAE product
• Produced under strict regulations of UAE authorities, with compliance on every segment of Law Terms and Conditions, approved and certified on same.

6. Logistic advantages
• Convenient geographical position for GCC and MEEA customers
• Prompt export delivery
• Less transport cost to affect product price (applied on the regions mentioned)
• Control of transport conditions
• Wide distribution network, logistic experience and support

7. Customer support
• Established various channels of customer support
• Web page
• Social media
• Land line and mobile phone applications

8. Marketing and info channels
• Promotional materials
• Professional-technical guidance
• Regular news letters on products and company