A car needs to be cleaned to prevent rust which impacts car safety. Tyres do need cleaning, but not the way you are thinking. You cannot dunk them into a washing machine (although that would be simple and easy…like putting your sports shoes in for a quick wash) to run a hot and rough cleaning cycle. Tyres need a special washing solution and an intricate detailing that will ensure spic and span tyres, rims and hubs.


Here is a short guide with tips:


Use soft microfiber detailing cloth to dry the tyre and the rim, before applying tyre polish.

Microfibre cloths and  towels are excellent as they can wick away water and grease without leaving fibres and stains on the metal and rubber.


Dress your tyres with “Dolphin”  tyre polish dressing.

Tyre dressings are water-based solutions, designed to protect your tyres and make them appear delightfully new.

“Dolphin” Tyre Polish- dressing solution for tyres

Follow instructions on the package and apply the tyre dressing. Apply two to three different coats and let it dry in-between coats. Wait for the dressing to dry completely before you take the car out for a drive.

Complete cleaning and dressing of your tyres would prolong cleaning time on the next tyre wash.

Tyres will also last for a longer time on your loved car, due to careful and increased maintenance.

In the end, it all comes down to a simple fact:

Be nice to your tyres, try to clean them occasionally.

After all, they are the components of your car that actually get you around.


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